Kung-Fu Dude

Kung-Fu Dude intro screen #1 Kung-Fu Dude intro screen #2 (Cracked)
Kung-Fu Dude intro screens
Kung-Fu Dude Coco 3 option - play at double speed Kung-Fu Dude Level 1 At The Docks (Cracked)
Kung-Fu Dude Coco 3 option and game play from level 1 (cracked) screens

Kung-Fu Dude is an arcade game, similiar to many arcade games where you are a Kung-Fu master fighting through various levels to get to the big boss. Similiar in game play to Glen's later Coco 3 only game, Kyum-Gai: To Be Ninja, it is a side scroller where you kick, punch, jump and duck your way through obstacles and various foes. This was the last sideways scrolling fighting game that Sundog did for the Coco 1 or 2; all later ones were Coco 3 only. As you will notice from one of the above screenshots, this game even detected a Coco 3, and let you run the game at double speed (for smoother game play, and better quality sound effects).

Title: Kung-Fu Dude

Author: Glen R. Dahlgren

Publisher: Sundog Systems

Released: 1987

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM, disk.

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