Adventure Trilogy

Adventure Trilogy intro screen 1 Adventure Trilogy intro screen 2
Adventure Trilogy intro screens 1&2
Adventure Trilogy game screen 1 Adventure Trilogy game screen 2
Adventure Trilogy game screens 1&2
Adventure Trilogy game screen 3 Adventure Trilogy game screen 4
Adventure Trilogy game screens 3&4
Adventure Trilogy game screen 5 Adventure Trilogy game screen 6
Adventure Trilogy game screens 5&6.

Please note: The above shows the 1st two parts (the two combat opponents, and some of the search for the Eye of Dazmor), but does not show the 3rd part.

Adventure Trilogy is one of the earliest semi-real time graphical adventure games for the Coco, and the first in a series by Nelson Computer Systems (later Softlaw); the 2nd and 3rd installments are Beyond the Cimeeon Moon and Fembots Revenge. You start with a fairly simple combat (comprising of 3 text commands) against two opponents. Then you descend below ground of a castle, seeking to find the "Eye of Dazmor;" and bring it back to the surface. This will let you get past the barrier holding you by the castle, and you can then go to the mountains, where you must deposit the Eye to the Forsaken Gulch. The game has movement controlled by arrow keys, and a limited set of 1 word commands (no VERB NOUN style text here!) to use. The play occasionally gets sluggish for some reason, and is fast most of the time (not sure why). The attempt at wide 3D graphics (not just simple hallways) is quite well done for this early on (it was released near the beginning of 1982), and has fairly well done graphics for stairs, levers on walls, etc.

Title: Adventure Trilogy

Author: Kevin Herrboldt and Tim Nelson

Publisher: Nelson Computer Systems, later renamed Softlaw Corp.

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K cassette or 32K disk, Extended BASIC minimum.

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