Rally-SG intro screen #1 Rally-SG intro screen #2
Rally-SG intro screens 1&2
Rally-SG game screen #1 Rally-SG game screen #2
Rally-SG game screens 1&2
Rally-SG game screen #3

Rally-SG game screen 3

Rally-SG is a new commercial game release for the Coco 1,2 and 3 (and Dragon 64), based on the arcade hit Rally-X, but with some differences. In it, you drive a car through 4 way scrolling mazes, gathering flags (orange is special one, that doubles the score of any regular yellow flags you get until the completion of the level, or until you die). You have a radar on the right that shows your position, the flag positions, and the enemy car positions, relative to the maze... but it doesn't show you the maze itself. As you progress levels, you start getting more enemy cars to deal with, and you can't kill them. The only defense you have (other than avoiding them) is a smokescreen that you can deploy, which cause the enemy cars to reverse direction when they hit it. There are different mazes (with different colors) as you go through levels as well, and a challenging stage where you try to find all 10 flags within a time limit, with no other cars.

You can order the digital download (as well as see a video of gameplay) for the various platforms from Nick's site here:

Title: Rally-SG

Author: Nicholas Marentes

Publisher: Nicholas Marentes

Released: 2020

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3 or Dragon-64, 64K RAM, joystick.

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