Shaft intro screen #1 Shaft intro screen #2 - difficulty selection
Shaft intro screens. The 2nd one is use to select your level of difficulty

Shaft game screen

Shaft game screen

Shaft is an original arcade game (and the first arcade game Prickly-Pear Software sold... there previous games had been strategy or D&D style games). You have to get up the entire building, alternating from left to right and right to left, for each floor. You have to dodge the blue elevators to do this, which are constantly moving up and down. Once you reach the end of the floor, you have to wait for the yellow service elevator to come pick you up to take you to the next floor. If you step into the service elevator shafts, you die, and if you get hit by an blue elevator, you die. Each time you die, you have to start on the first floor again. If you complete all the floors, you parachute down to the bottom, and start again, with faster elevators. On the harder skill level (selecting 'James Bund'), the elevators travel down faster than they move up. A fairly difficult game.

Title: Shaft

Author: Loren Seng

Publisher: Prickly-Pear Software.

Released: mid 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM tape or disk, joystick.

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