Bedlam screenshotBedlam screenshot #2
Bedlam screenshots - starting the game, and one of the interesting characters you meet.

Bedlam is a text adventure game that was ported from it's original TRS-80 Model 1/3 version. Out of the 3 such games that Radio Shack/Tandy put out (Raaka-Tu and Pyramid 2000 being the other two), this was the most twisted. Basically, the premise is that you are in an insane asylum, and you are trying to get out. You meet up with a lot of interesting characters (somebody who thinks he is Napolean, another who keeps painting doors on the walls to try and open (note: this actually sometimes works for you!), and others. The game is partly randomized each time, so that there are several different solutions to the game, and only some will work at any given play session.

Title: Bedlam

Author: Robert Arnstein

Publisher: Tandy/Radio Shack

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, tape only.

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