Star Trek III

Star Trek III intro screen Star Trek III game screen
Star Trek III intro and game (short range scan) screen.

Star Trek III is probably the most sophisticated of the 'standard' Star Trek games for the Coco. Featuring some ML routines for the warp drive effect, and 3D views for firing your phasers, it contains all of the elements of most of these text-style games, plus a lot of extras... too numerous to go into here. It runs in a medium resolution graphics screen for some parts, and a straight text screen for giving out commands or doing long range scans. Hands down, my favorite of this genre. I don't know if a disk version was ever released, but the cassette version I have requires patching to run on a disk system. It is also one of the earliest commercial games that required both 32K of RAM and Extended BASIC.

Title: Star Trek III

Author: Lance Micklus

Publisher: Lance-Micklus Inc. - distributed by Adventure International

Released: 1981

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM Extended BASIC, cassette, joystick.

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