Pac-Dude intro screen Pac-Dude level 1 game screen
Pac-Dude intro and level 1 game screens. Screenshots of the other levels will come later.

Pac-Dude is a clone of the arcade smash PacMan, and was the first Coco 3 only version that took advantage of the new Coco 3 graphics modes. It went beyond the original arcade game, and borrowed the technique from Ms. Pacman, of having the maze change every few screens. The game play is virtually identical to the original arcade game, although navigation is slightly different when you go around corners.

Brian O'Neill later went on to write Pac-Dude 3D: Monster Maze, a horizontal and vertical scrolling Pacman game based on the arcade game Pac-Mania. Pac-Dude was the best version of Pac-Man available for the Coco 3 until the release of Nickolas Marentes Pac-Man in 1997.

Brian has given me permission to also now release the source code for this game.

Title: Pac-Dude

Author: Brian O'Neill

Publisher: Shareware release

Released: 1990

Requires: Color Computer 3 only, 128K RAM, joystick, disk only.

Download PACDUDE.ZIP. This contains the .DSK image for Pac-Dude.

Download PACDUDE_SOURCE.ZIP. This contains the Assembler source code for Pac-Dude.

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