Tea Time

Tea Time Intro screen Tea Time Intro screen #2
Tea Time Intro screens
Tea Time level 1 game screen Tea Time level 2 game screen
Tea Time level 1 and 2 game screens
Tea Time level 3 game screen
Tea Time level 3 game screen

Tea Time is an original game, originally released the Dragon-32 computer in England. The Coco port added artifacting color support. Pocket Money Software was a similar deal in England as Novasoft was in the USA - it was the "cheap" branch of it's parent company, selling games for less than average (and usually simpler games). This was one of the better ones, with 3 different screens. On the first screen, you have to catch tea drops in your kettle (and fill your mug on the left before it runs dry), with the number of drops required increasing as the game progresses. On the second screen, you have to dodge the sugar cubes falling towards you (you can take one hit without dying, but the 2nd hit will kill you), and they start zigzagging in later levels. On the third (the Pantry), you have to use the elevators to collect piles of tea, and upon collecting them all a final elevator will show up, that you have to get on to dock the teapot with it's tea cozy. Later levels of this screen add sponges and hammers that you have to avoid. The game also features good sound and multi-voice music.
A very fun game, and was only ₤1.99 at the time of it's release.
Interesting sidenote: The author of the game had to choose between medicine (he was the Consultant Physician at King's College Hospital) and programming; and ended up choosing medicine. He eventually became the Dean of King's College, and then the first Dean of the merged medical schools of King's and St. Thomas, before retiring at age 60, and then working part time as the Chairman of the Bromley NHS Primary Care Trust. His son Stephen did the graphics.

Title: Tea Time

Author: Professor Adrian Eddleston, graphics by Stephen Eddleston-McGrath

Publisher: Pocket Money Software (subsidiary of Microdeal)

Released: 1985 (written 1984)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM.

Download ADRIAN_EDDLESTON.ZIP (contains adrian_eddleston.dsk image, with Tea Time).

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