Rampage! intro screen #1 Rampage! intro screen #2
Rampage! intro screens.
Rampage! intro screen #3 Rampage! game screen
Rampage! intro screen #3, and game screen.

Rampage! is an officially licensed version of the arcade game smash (pun intended) of the same name. The original arcade game had quite hi-res graphics compared to most other arcade games, so they don't look as crisp here, but the graphics are very well done. Rampage! is also one of the few Coco games that allowed more than 2 players simultaneously; you could have 2 people playing using the joysticks, plus a 3rd on the keyboard.

The object of the game is to smash the buildings (each character has taken a Jekyl and Hyde style potion that turns them into one of the 3 monsters), and any vehicles that get in your way, and eat the humans to recharge your damage meter. Note that some humans can actually be harmful, if they are carrying anything that you shouldn't be eating (say, like sticks of dynamite). You can also get hurt if you are still climbing a building when it collapses, and the army is attacking you with guns, helicoptors, tanks and explosives. Each time you complete a screen (by destroying all of the buildings in the foreground, you progress to a new city, with new buildings (and sometimes extra things, like collapsible bridges over water), and more people start attacking you.

One of the best things about the arcade version (and, duplicated in the Coco 3 version) is that the players can also attack each other, sometimes quite by accident. If a game is going on with more than one player, and a player gets injured anough that their damage meter goes down to 0, they will then mutate back to a small, naked human (modestly covering their body parts), and will try to scurry off to the side of the screen. At this point, the still active players can scoop them up and eat them too (setting up revenge for the next game). At the beginning of the game, each player can pick their own set of controls, so that each player can basically pick out which monster they want to be (giant Wolfman, Godzilla, or King Kong, who, of course, are given the cute names 'George', 'Lizzie', and 'Ralph'. A very entertaining game in both the arcade, and on the Coco.

Title: Rampage!

Author: Steve Bjork for Activision

Publisher: Tandy

Released: 1989

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, 128K RAM, joystick optional.

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