Cosmic Ambush

Cosmic Ambush intro screen Cosmic Ambush game screen
Cosmic Ambush intro and game screens.

Cosmic Ambush is a Coco 3 only arcade game, in the same vein as arcade games such as Xevious. Using the hardware vertical smooth scrolling available from the Coco 3's GIME chip, as well as digital sound effects, one has to fly over a long route of varying terrain, shooting or dodging opponets, and trying to shoot the Weapons caches, which will increase your firepower. You have four basic levels of firepower, and every time you get hit, you both lose fuel and one level of firepower. There are pulsating red grids every so often in the terrain; when you fly over these, you refuel slowly. Nick Marentes, the author, had originally planned to publish this game through Tandy in his native Australia, as he had done with several of his other games (although, this time, he was planning on it being in a 32K ROM pak)... but Tandy dropped the Coco just before it was finished. Nick then released it as Shareware.

Title: Cosmic Ambush

Author: Nick Marentes

Publisher: Nick Marentes (originally hoped to be distributed by Radio Shack)

Released: 1992

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, 128K RAM, disk drive, joystick.

Download COSMIC.ZIP (Contains COSMIC.DSK image). Type RUN "AMBUSH" to run.

If you would rather get a 2 .DSK set with all of Nick's freely available games, and menu driven to boot, please download them from Nick's own page.

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