FlagonBird intro screen 1 FlagonBird game screen 2
FlagonBird intro screens 1&2.
FlagonBird game screen 1) FlagonBird game screen 2 - you will see this often
FlagonBird game screens 1 & 2

FlagonBird is a port of the briefly released but insanely popular, Flappy Bird game created by Vietnamese programmer Dong Nguyen. Dong released it on iPhones in May of 2013, and he meant it to be a casual, quick time killer type of game; but by January of 2014 it had completely taken off, by then also being ported to Android, and at one point making Dong $50,000 a day from sales and advertising revenue, and people were becoming obsessed and addicted to it. Dong felt guilty about creating an addictive game, and ended up pulling both versions from their respective stores on February 10, 2014 for that reason.

Steve Bamford, a Dragon user from way back, got nudged back into the Dragon scene by his friend Michael Simonds, who himself was getting back into 6809 programming with the Vectrex home console. They both ended up porting Flappy Bird to their respective machines (Veccy Bird was the Vectrex version).

The game features very simple game play like the original - hit any key to flap the wings of your bird, which causes the bird to fly up. Gravity starts immediately taking affect, so you have to keep flapping to stay airborne... but the faster you flap, the faster you fly up, and the longer you wait between flaps, the faster you fly down. The game scrolls to the left, and you have to avoid hitting the large pipes (that appear both at the top and bottom at varying heights) or the ground. You only have one life, so as soon as you hit something you die, and you get 1 point for each pipe pair that you manage to fly through. Like the original game it is addictive, and monumentally frustrating. It features good sound effects and smooth multi-plane scrolling graphics, and the first ML game it's author ever wrote. It was released on both the Dragon and the Coco.

One unique thing on the Coco/Dragon version is that your score gives you a ranking - most of which are based on the names of dragons (from places like Lord of the Rings, from the Atari 2600 game Adventure, etc.). While this idea was borrowed from Mike's Vectrex version, Steve is the one who decided on the "Dragon Name" motif. One of rankings (for a score of 33) has the ranking of "RainRabbit". This was from a screenshot by a user of that name with that score (a very high score at the time), so Steve added that as a ranking name in tribute.

The attract mode also features a lot of thank you's, including a who's who of the active Dragon community who openly supported Steve's efforts, although Steve programmed the game completely on his own. These include the above mentioned Michael Simonds, Steve Evans, Stewart Orchard, Ciaran Anscomb, Tormod Volden, Pere Serrat and Roberto Fernandez (some under their forum handle names). There is also a thank you to his family (Cindy, Felix, Oscar and Naomi), a nice tribute.

It should be mentioned that Darren Atkinson has ported FlagonBird to the MC-10 as well.

Below is list provided by Steve of all 65 possible rankings, and also their origin. If you ever need to learn about fictional dragons... FlagonBird could be considered an educational game!


0 FAFFY Dave The Barbarian
1 NORBERT Harry Potter
2 YORGLE Atari Adventure
3 GRUNDLE Atari Adventure
4 RHINDLE Atari Adventure
5 CHORLTON Chorlton And The Wheelies
6 SINGE Dragon's Lair
7 GROLIFFE The Ice Dragon, Noggin The Nog
8 IDRIS Ivor the Engine
9 NIDHOGG Norse Myth
10 FAFNIR Celtic Myth
11 JABBERWOCK Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky
12 SMAUG The Hobbit
13 GLAURUNG Silmarilian
14 GRANYMYR Masters Of The Universe
15 SMIRKENORFF Knightmare
16 BUB Bubble Bobble
17 BOB Bubble Bobble
18 FANGORA Kirby
19 KING TIRRA Bomberman
20 TAMAGON Devil World
21 BONETAIL Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
22 SOUP DRAGON Klangers
23 TARRAGON Parsley And The Herb Garden
24 TRORG Hordes Of The Things Radio Comedy
25 ABRAX Golden Axe: Beast Rider
26 VERMITHRAX Dragonslayer
27 FALKOR Never Ending Story
28 EBORSISK Willow
29 GHIDORAH Godzilla
30 BAHAMUT Final Fantasy
31 HAKU Spirited Away
32 DRACO Dragonheart
33 RAIN RABBIT * Internet Player's Username *
34 SAPHIRA Eragon
35 GLAEDR Eragon
36 IGNEEL Fairy Tail
37 NETTLEBRAND Dragon Rider
38 FIREDRAKE Dragon Rider
39 TARO Sinbad
40 ZENITH Dragon Quest
41 GORBASH Flight Of Dragons
42 RIDLEY Metroid
43 SPYRO Spyro The Dragon
44 EMBER Spyro The Dragon
45 ASH Kameo: Elements of Power
46 YOWLER Dragonworld
47 TOOTHLESS How To Train Your Dragon
48 WINDWALKER How To Train Your Dragon
49 HORRORCOW How To Train Your Dragon
50 FIREWORM How To Train Your Dragon
51 STORMFLY How To Train Your Dragon
52 WODENSFANG How To Train Your Dragon
53 RHAEGAL Game Of Thrones
54 HYDRUS Shadow Of The Collosus
55 KUROMORI Shadow Of The Collosus
56 PHALANX Shadow Of The Collosus
57 ALDUIN Skyrim
58 FATALIS Monster Hunter
59 TEOSTRA Monster Hunter
60 LUNASTRA Monster Hunter
61 CEADEUS Monster Hunter
62 RATHALOS Monster Hunter
63 TIAMAT Myth
64 FLAGON LORD * Flagon Bird Highest Rank! *

Title: FlagonBird

Author: Steve Bamford (original mobile phone Flappy Bird by Dong Nguyen)

Publisher: Steve Bamford

Released: 2014

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM.

Download Coco or MC-10 versions here.

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