Play Value video podcast - 2007 series from ON Networks going over the history of video games

Play Value logo
Play Value was an early high-definition (720p) video podcast about the history of video games, made by ON Networks in 2007. There were 10 episodes in all, and I list them below with their original iTunes descriptions as well. Each show is roughly 8 minutes long. ON Networks disappeared long ago, and the show is no longer available on any podcatchers that I have seen, so I am putting them up here as kind of a companion piece to Netflix's High Score documentary series that was released this year (2020). It should be noted that the episodes did not follow a chronological order as they were released; they were done subject (by a company, a game, a specific subject).
Episode 1: The Death of Arcades (July 30, 2007). Back in the day, people left their homes to play video games.
Episode 2: Rise of Nintendo (July 30, 2007). Nintendo's long trek from playing cards to gaming monopoly.
Episode 3: The Fall of Atari (August 16, 2007). The stunning rise and steep decline of Atari.
Episode 4: Tetris: Splitting the Iron Curtain (August 23, 2007). You won't believe the drama behind one of the best loved games of all-time.
Episode 5: Atari vs. Nintendo (August 30, 2007). The history of the bitter feud between Atari and Nintendo.
Episode 6: Failed Consoles - Part 1 (September 13, 2020). The trashcans of the past are stuffed with consoles that didn't catch on.
Episode 7: Failed Consoles - Part 2 (September 28, 2020). More video game consoles that failed to attract fans.
Episode 8: Sega Vs. Nintendo (October 25, 2007). Remember when Sonic and Mario went head to head?
Episode 9: Controversy! (November 15, 2007). Sex and violence in video games is a potent issue and has been for quite some time.
Episode 10: Colecovision (November 29, 2007). The story of an upstart leather company that took on a corporate titan.