Official Radio Shack Coco 3 Demo

This is a two disk set. Because of limitations in web browsers when dealing with the extension '.DSK', I have had to ZIP up the disk images - which is called The ZIP file contains demoboot.dsk, which is the main boot disk... type RUN"BOOT" to run. After it finishes loading, it will prompt you to hit the 'C' key (try hitting <BREAK> at this point and see what happens!). If you are running an emulator, you should at this point swap the disk image for drive 0 with the the 2nd DSK image, called rsc3demo.dsk. Then, hit the 'C' key. If you are running on a real Coco, simply switch the disks in drive 0. Please note for OS-9/NitrOS9 users: you can unzip the files (if you have at least 256K of RAM) by installing two programs into your CMDS directory: UNZIP (the main program to run - rename to just 'unzip'), and FUNZIP (rename to just 'funzip'), which is a subroutine package used by UNZIP. Make sure you set the execution attributes!
Some sample screenshots from the demo:
Demo screenshot #1 Demo screenshot #2
Demo screenshot #3 Demo screenshot #4

The full demo has a lot more, as well as 4-voice harmony music, animation, and other effects.