1878-1978 Storey Farm Centennial Booklet and insert from the Storey Family Reunion in Manitoba, 1978

1) Cover - includes picture of the main Charles and Margaret Storey (nee Boyle) family home, from 1900-March, 1947 when it was destroyed by fire.
2) Page 1 - Early history, including the start of the move to Manitoba in 1878.
3) Page 2 - Early history continued, with them arriving to their land (and Charles' brother's land (John).
4) Page 3 - Getting married, settling in, and having children. Covers 1878-1901, and mentions the fire that destroyed their main home in 1947.
5) Page 4 - Information on the kids - Bertha and Lorne.
6) Page 5 - Information on the kids - Herbert and Howard.
7) Page 6 - Information on the kids - Lorne. More details on the house fire.
8) Page 7 - Information on the kids - Ivan.
9) Page 8 - Information on the kids - Ivan.
10) Page 9 - Dates - births and deaths of Charles, Margaret, Bertha, Lorne, Herbert, Howard, and Ivan. Please note: these were only up until 1978.
11) Insert Page 1 - Page 1 of the family tree.
12) Insert Page 2 - Page 2 of the family tree.
13) Insert Page 3 - Page 3 of the family tree.
14) Insert Page 4 - Page 4 of the family tree.
Please note that the 4 page insert only contains years for births, marriages and deaths; month and day are not provided.
Please also note that you can right-click (or Control-click if you have a 1 button mouse on a Mac) to save each of these images on your own computer.

I do plan on eventually converting all of the pages (except the cover) to actual text, so it is easier to search through.