Boyle Family Photos and Genealogy - Other, related Website links

1) Keith Boyle's Thomas Boyle and Benjamin Bibby family tree site. Keith's page is what inspired me to start my pages, and he has been instrumental in both providing information and support. His is strictly a tree based site, with photos of a fair number of the family members as well. He hasn’t updated it in years, but it is still available.

2) Garvin Boyle’s Boyle, Taylor, Lampinen, Purdue family trees. Garvin, the man behind the Boyle Bulletin newsletter in the 1980’s, has gotten his own version of the family tree up on his new site, as well as scans of all of the issues of his Boyle Bulletin newsletters.

3) Jim Ward’s family tree (Holley’s). For those investigating the Holley side of things in the tree, this is Jim’s tree that includes extensive information on that set of branches.

4) Matthew Boyle’s family tree. Although I don’t think the tree itself has been updated since 2009, Matt has a fairly extensive tree that covers a lot of the same Boyle’s as mine.

5) Derek Foran’s family tree. Derek has his family tree up (he is from the Henry Boyle side of the family), which contains extensive pictures of family members, and goes much more extensively into his side branches then mine.