Boyle Family Photos and Genealogy - for the Boyles descended from the Peter Robinson settlers that came to Canada from Ireland in 1823

Actually, while the Boyle side is the main thrust of the page, I will be going through some of my other ancestors as well, including Holley's, Hunt's, Storey's, McNabb's, and others. I will also be expanding it to include my mom's side, which includes Young (Yung/Jung), Markowski, and others as well. Once the first big update is done, I will list all of the family names. I am also going to try and make most of the information pages into actual text (not scans of text documents), so that you can search for them on the webpage with ease. Some documents, however, have to be scanned pictures, and will have to be searched by eye, looking at them.

Recent Updates:
November 8, 2012 - More updates to the family tree.

May 31, 2011 - More updates to the family tree.

December 24, 2010 - Another large amount of updates to the family tree, including some new pictures.

August 13, 2010 - Large amount of updates to the family tree, including some new pictures. Due to several requests, birth dates for people still living are now blank (I hope I got them all... please let me know if I missed some.) I also had a corruption problem with duplicate entries showing up that I have hopefully fixed as well... once again, let me know if you find such errors.
June 14, 2009 - Some updates to the family tree (additions, corrections, etc.)
March 21, 2009 - Some updates to the family tree (additions, corrections, etc.)
May 2, 2008 - Added photo from Arnold Young & Martha Markowski's wedding, including family members.
Apr. 11, 2008 - Updated the family tree page (some more pictures, additions, corrections, etc.)
Feb. 16, 2008 - Updated the family tree page (some more pictures, additions, corrections, etc.)
Jan. 21, 2008 - Added the "quick and dirty" family tree page, created by the canned software that I use. Also, finally added the RSS newsfeed (if your browser handles it, you should see a RSS button in the browser web address bar that you can click on to activate it).
Jan. 2, 2008 - Added picture of William Boyle Sr. along with 3 of his daughters (all by his 2nd marriage).
July 19, 2007 - Added map of County Cork from around 1821, close to when the Boyle's left Ireland.
July 9, 2007 - Added the first, preview issue (issue #0) of the Boyle BULLetin's fanzine, published by Garvin Boyle in the 1980's. Many thanks to Garvin for all of his work, and giving me permission to put them up on the website to be enjoyed by all!
May 5, 2007 - Added scans of the 1878-1978 Storey Farm Centennial booklet that was handed out at the 1978 family reunion in Manitoba.
Nov. 21, 2006 - Added photo of Isaac Holley/Louisa Foote/Edna Holley from around 1906-1907 taken in Ontario.
Oct. 5, 2006 - Updated the Peter Robinson page with the full text of his ad for immigrants from 1823.
Aug. 22, 2005 - First update in over 3 years! A little bit of history of Peter Robinson and how he got the settlers down to Canada from Ireland.


1) All photos page - this page will link to all photos currently on the website. These will be full sized photos, not small thumbnail style ones (that may show up in the family tree section).
2) Photos by Person page - these pages will contain lists of photos that a particular person appears in (either by themselves or with others). Please note that pictures that don't have people in them (objects, houses, etc.), will NOT show up here.
3) Family Tree page - this will be one huge, scrolling page of the entire family tree, with names and dates. Each of the names will contain a clickable link to a page on that person, including photos (if available) of the people, their tombstones, and some information on their life. For still living people, it may also contain email and regular addresses, phone #'s etc. (basically, whatever that person wants to make available)
4) Quick&dirty Family Tree - this is the family tree webpage that is generated by the Freeware program Personal Ancestry Writer II. It has a master index by last (maiden) name, and even has links for pictures (for those that I have pictures ready for). It won't be as nicely formatted, tree style (although it does have pedigree and descendant trees in a text format) as the main tree page, but it is a heck of lot easier for me to maintain than the one mentioned above, which will be worked on gradually. It should be noted that for image links on these pages, that when you click the "Images" link, you will be shown thumbnails of each picture. Click the picture to see the full size version in another window.
5) Unknown photos page - this page will contain photos that are part of albums that I have found, or seen, that are Boyle family related, but nobody knows who they are. If you figure some of them out, please email me!
6) Boyle links pages - This page contains links to other Boyle related web sites, etc. that contain useful information, or possibly useful information but we aren't sure yet.
7) Peter Robinson information page - This page contains some information (and pictures) about Peter Robinson and his bringing of the Irish Settlers to Upper Canda in 1823 and 1825.
8) 1878-1978 Storey Farm Centennial Booklet. - This contains scans of 10 page booklet, and 4 page mini-family tree, that was handed out at the Centennial family reunion in Manitoba in 1878. Contains a picture of Charles Storey & his wife Margaret (nee Boyle) in front of their main house from 1901 until it was destroyed by a fire in March, 1947.
9) Boyle BULLetins page - this contains downloadable, searchable PDF versions of the famous Boyle BULLetins genealogy newsletter that Garvin Boyle of Ontario put out from 1983-1986(?). Issues will be added as I get time to convert them to searchable PDF's.
10) Garvin Boyle's Genealogy website page - this is a link to Garvin Boyle's genealogy website, which includes scans of all the Boyle BULLetins he did in the 1980's, as well as history of the Boyle family, and tree information for other sides of his family. Garvin has been a source of a vast amount of the information on my site; his new site is definitely worth checking out.

If you have any comments, updates, corrections, etc. on any of the webpages here, please feel free to email me. If you have large, scanned pictures that could be used to update the site, please do not email them to this address; simply email me that you want to send them, and I will make arrangements with you to use a different email account to send them to, that can handle large file sizes.

This page is maintained by L. Curtis Boyle of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am not putting any copyrights on any of the information here, as I know how hard it was for me to find the information myself, and I would prefer to save someone else the trouble of doing it all again. However, I would like people who use the information (or images) here to give credit as to where they found it (a link would be nice :-), and if you have any additional information, that you please share it with me and others. Some of the information I have on here may be from copyrighted materials, and I will try to obtain permission (if it is possible to get a hold of the original authors), or at the very least indicate where it was gotten. If I got it from active web pages, I will provide a link to that site, although I am going to try and keep copies of such images and/or information on my site as well (parts of such a site that are relevant to my site, anyways), so that if such a site goes down or disappears, the information/images are not lost.

Active contributors at this point so far are (and this does not mean I have had a chance to actually put up any of the information that they have provided yet): Mary Allen, Trish Baloun, Lynn Benn, Kathy Bibby, Cliff Boyle, Garvin Boyle, Jack Boyle, Keith Boyle, Kyle Boyle, L. Curtis Boyle, Lorne and Rita Boyle. Reid Boyle, Sharon Boyle, Violetta (Etta) Boyle, Wilfred Boyle, Kayla Des Brisay, Cliff Carson, Shirley Carson, Dallas Cairns, Paul Chalue, Peter Dean, Earl Denton, Kate Duerksen-Martin, Jonathan Ellah, Patrick Flannery, Harry Flath, Lauren Gillespie, Sue Glenn, Patricia Goodwill, Bill Griffith, Mark Haacke, Jo-Anne Happe, Tamara Hickey, Gordon Holley, Dennis Hunt, Elaine Hutton, Dawson Irvine, Brent Keller, Joelle Keller, Blair Kennedy, Mark Land, Geoff Lowry, Barb Malchuk, Gail Martin, Vickie McDonald, Bonnie McQuarrie, Reg Michel, Christine Mohlberg, Wayne Moorhead, Aggie Murray, Darryl Novak, Leon Porath, Mary Rowland, John Rudy, Dorothy Scherr, Mary Sisemore, Greg Smith, Anne Sterling, Robert Stevenson, Sean Stevenson, Cindy Storey, Barb Taylor, Jamie Teeter, Maggie Thorsell, Mary Timms, Dawn Thompson, Leo and Maxine Tomyn, Agnes (Lee) Treilhard, Tina Tremain, Bev Place Walkling, Brooke Ward, Judy Watson, Jim Ward, Sylvia West, Arnold and Martha Young. Thanks also to the Northeastern Ontario Gravemarker Gallery (for a lot of the gravestone pictures), and the National Archives of Canada, for military records and census data.

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