BOYLE BULLetins - Searchable PDF scans of the BOYLE BULLetin fanzines published by Garvin Boyle in the 1980's

A note: These are the ORIGINAL BULLetins, just OCR'd for searchability. Therefore, things like peoples addresses, etc. may not be accurate. I do plan on amalgamating the BULLetins together (once I have them all), and updating the info (you would not have to search for later corrections, for example), but that is a long term and much farther in the future project.

1) BOYLE BULLetin Issue #0 - January 1983 - This was the promotional issue that Garvin sent to people to see if they were interested in subscribing and/or contributing to his fanzine. It makes a brief mention about Thomas and Henry Boyle coming from Ireland in 1823, but basically just explains the purpose of the fanzine, and how it is to be organized.

More BULLetins will be forthcoming, as I get time to convert them to searchable PDF's (so that you can quickly find things, especially in the bigger issues). Please note that these scans are not always perfect; I have tried to correct as many problems as I can after OCRing it, but the software I am using does not always let me edit everything I want.