Boyle Genealogy Photo's - The Thomas and Henry Boyle family's

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This is a collection of photographs of the Boyle family, taken from various sources. This first page is an index to the actual pictures, to not take too long to download on a dialup connection if you are only looking for certain, specific pictures. Also, to aid in making searching for names easier, all family member names will be bolded. This index will not be in any particular order, except the order that I have added them to the page (most recent additions will be last). Other indexes off of the main page may be easier to navigate (like by name).

1). William Boyle (Sr.) family photo from Morden, MB in 1890. This is a studio portrait photo of all of William Sr.'s family that moved from Ontario to Manitoba between 1877-1878. Three of the children are from his first marriage to Elizabeth Curtis and the other seven are from his 2nd marriage to Sarah Jane Whitehead. One of the three known existing originals of this picture erroneously refers to Thomas Boyle as William Boyle Sr., but this has proved to be wrong. Taken from a framed portrait owned by Lorne and Rita Boyle of Saskatoon. Includes: Thomas Boyle, Janet McNabb, Margaret (Maggie) Storey, Mary Owens, Ellen (Nell) Lankin, Josephine Hunt, Parker Boyle, Charles Boyle, James Boyle and Harry Boyle.

2). Thomas Boyle family headstones taken from Darlingford, Manitoba. Thomas was the eldest son of the William Boyle Sr. who came to Canada from Ireland in 1823 at the age of 8. This also includes his wife Sarah Jane Owens, as well as their son Edgar Owens Boyle, and his wife Blanche Rombaugh. Edgar's tombstone also contains the name Ernest Laing, who was Alice's (Edgar and Blanche's daughter) 2nd husband.

3). Arza Boyle and Mary Reiberger's family from 1940. This is a picture taken of Arza and his wife Mary's family, from around the summer of 1940, with their first four children (Lilly Boyle, Jimmy Boyle, Danny Boyle, and Shirley Boyle).

4). Thomas Boyle from Darlingford, MB. This is a picture of Thomas Boyle, later in his life, taken in Darlingford, Manitoba. Thomas was the eldest son from William Boyle Sr.'s first marriage, and he was born in 1847. This picture was probably taken between 1910 to 1921.

5). Tombstones of Thomas Boyle & his first wife Mary Checkley, William Boyle Sr. & his wives Elizabeth Curtis and Sarah J. Whitehead, Charles Boyle & his wife Ann "Nancy;" Dickson, and Charles Boyle Jr. in Packenham, Ontario.

6). Three pictures of the steam engine that blew up in Darlingford in 1908 while being operated by William "Bill" Boyle. Also includes a picture of the back of one of the pictures, saying it was "Gods warning", from a friend of Gordon's. Warning: over 300K download on this page... may take awhile with dial-up.

7). Tintype photo of Sarah Jane Whitehead and Margaret Ann Boyle, 1860. This is the only known photo of Sarah Jane Whitehead (William Sr.'s 2nd wife), and it also includes her first daughter with William, when her daughter was less than a year old: Margaret Ann Boyle. This is also the oldest photo of a member of the Boyle family in existence, that I know of.

8). Arza Boyle - World War II military portrait.

9). Arza Boyle - Sent to Etta Boyle (nee Holley) from Winnipeg, 1920's. This photo was taken of Arza while he attended school in Winnipeg to learn about Radios in the 1920's.

10). Elijah Owens and Mary Boyle. Picture taken in the early to mid 1880's in Morden, MB. Judging by the background, there may have been a whole slew of Boyle family photos taken at the same time... perhaps for a wedding? Taken probably before Arminella was born.

11). Elijah Owens, Arminella "Ella" Owens, and Mary Boyle. Picture taken in the early to mid 1900's, probably in Morden, but possibly in Cartwright.

12). Isaac Holley's family, taken in Ontario around 1906, just before they moved to Saskatchewan. Includes his first wife, Louisa Foote and their eldest daughter, Edna Holley.

13). A scan of a map from around 1821, I believe, of County Cork in Ireland. This is the area that Thomas and his family, and Henry Boyle came from in 1823.Warning: This picture is a lot larger than normal (about 1 MB), and will take a long time to load on dial-up; I did that so that you would have a chance to read the names on the map more easily, as they are quite hard to read.

14). William Boyle Sr. and three of his daughers, taken probably in the 1880's in Manitoba. The only photo I have with William Sr. in it (an oval, air-brushed portrait of him exists, based on this picture).

15). Arnold Young and Martha Markowski wedding picture from November 5, 1944, taken on Martha's parents farm. Includes. Includes both sets of parents, and most of Martha's siblings as well.

16). Joyce Shuttleworth, Harvey Edwin Storey, and Rubena Vera Storey (née Hunt) . Taken in the early 1940’s, Harvey is in his RCAF uniform (where he was a flight instructor), along with his mother, and his wife Joyce (although I am not positive they were married at the time of this photo).

17). Josephine Hunt (née Boyle), her 4 daughters (Nellie, Olive, Ruby and Veda) and her grandson Harvey Storey, taken on the Hunt farm around 1915-1916.

18). Thomas Boyle Storey, with his son Hubert Storey and family (wife May nee Harde, daughter Marion and son Thomas Burton), son Robert Gordon Storey, and hired hand Jack Collier, taken at their house in Manitoba on December 25, 1931.